Hey there,

I'm FurJay!

I like to make things look good!



My real name is Ferhat Koden and I am an illustrator based in Melbourne, Australia. I have a strong passion for pop art, urban art and their culture. Most of my work feature silly and quirky designs, which are a reflection of my personality. I have always been drawn to the illustrations in comic books, magazines and packaging of toys. As a big kid at heart, I watch more cartoons and own more toys than your average eight year old. I like to create art that make people happy, smile or laugh.


I have studied Applied Design and successfully completed my Bachelor's Degree in Digital Art. Since then, I have completed freelance projects for various clients. Creating a piece which my clients love is what drives and motivates me. I cannot imagine myself doing anything else. When I'm not drawing, I'm doing random D.I.Y. projects or other creative things.


The biggest motivation to encourage me to further my illustrations as a youngster, was when I won a TV Hits magazine competition to design a CD cover for the Spice Girls single titled Tell Me Why, which was an Australian exclusive.

Why is my logo of a monkey? I have always had a fascination for them and they are one of my favourite animals. My mother often calls me her little "monkey", so I couldn't find a better logo to represent me best.


I have recently collaborated on my very first children's book written by Kitten Kay Sera, based on her pink pup; Miss Kisses. I was approached by The Pink Lady of Hollywood herself! Illustrating a children's book was always on my bucket list and to have been given this opportunity is truly a dream come true. The book is titled Miss Kisses: The Pup Who Turned Pink, which is a story of Miss Kisses' journey with her friends and how she got her pink fur. It is an uplifting story about friendship and dreaming big...no matter how far out of reach your dreams may seem. Get your copy on Amazon (U.S. exclusive)

All artwork copyright © FurJay